Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mixed Bag 02_Add On

Evening :)
Hope yer all well?
Sorry I didn't post this last night but truth be told I didn't make it till today!! Yesterday tea time I had quiet a shock!! & it took till this morning to come to terms with it!! LOL
Yesterday afternoon we discovered our lizard was a female, & yet we'd been told by someone who works with reptiles & such that our lizard was definitely a male!!!
Really??? How's that then when SHE laid 2 eggs yesterday?!?!? :-))) LOL
It sure does explain a heck of a lot, like what's been wrong with her why she's not eaten for days & why she was digging in her viv! & why all of a sudden she'd taken to glass dancing, when she never did before!!!
So anyway! Hehe, Only now wish we'd of known this ages ago cuz they could be real eggs with babies in em!! Ho hum!
Right back to the freebie! This is a add on to a previous post that I posted on 24th January no I never it was the 23rd hehe! There are 6 hearts of each colour (as per pack) & about 9 bow wraps, I think!! You can download this Here and Here
For some odd reason I am a day ahead of myself! I keep thinking it's Friday tomorrow!! & its not wishful thinking cuz I wanna just bypass Friday this week all together, sleep Thursday wake up Saturday kinda thing :P Anyway! I'm orf, Have a good one! Thanks for looking!!! Huggies Crazycatlaydee xoxo

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mixed Bag 01_Add On

Evening or Morning all! Whichever LOL
Well I came back!! hehe Had a bit of a worrying weekend, we thought maybe our lizard was poorly & had possibly burned himself on his UVB light but turns out he hasn't he is just going thru some pigmentation irregularities or something!!! LOL!!
& I am feeling quiet drained just from everything!!!
Anyway I sat all night trying to get some different add on bits together - as a break from just papers.
My mind seems to of gone somewhere god only knows where & I wish it would hurry up & come back!!! Anyway! There are 6 Hearts in the 3 colours, & 7 Different wrap bows. You can download these Here and Here.
Thanks for looking! See ya soon! Huggies Crazycatlaydee xoxo

Friday, 23 January 2009

Mixed Bag 02

Hello :)
I'd like to start by announcing I am useless!! No really I am....My memory is atrocious no really! I've never known anyone to forget things as quickly as I do! & I don't do it on purpose in fact there are times when I write notes & everything to remind myself & my notes turn into scribble notes for what settings I used in PSP! Then they just get put in a pile! & I still don't remember!!
I remembered quiet late last night that I hadn't sent yesterday's freebie out, & even opened the sheets to make a preview & everything. But I got a bit confuzled, lol I was trying to get my head around the HTML side of web design for an advanced course I am taking, but it baffled me!! & then I got talking with this bloke I went to school with & the freebie failed to pop up in my head again then!
So I'm really sorry I didn't intentionally lie to you, Here is Thursday's freebie download links:
Here and Here
Hope you all have a good Friday night! I have to remember to make sure I listen to the radio at 1AM till 3AM - I always forget & normally tune in halfway thru or right at the end!! So here's hoping...I don't forget!! Thanks for looking! & Take care huggies Crazycatlaydee xoxo

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mixed Bag 01

Hello :)
I'm back again!! Had quiet a stressful night last night, My PSP crashed on me about 9 or 10 times from 6PM to 3AM all because of some plugin I know was working a few months ago & wont now!! But I just wouldn't nor couldn't give up!! But I did at
I have made enough freebies till the end of this week anyway! So be sure to check back for more mixed bags!!
Okay each paper is 800X800 Pixels, they are saved in JPEGs, I do av the PNG format ones too but thought it might be easier for some of you to download if they were JPEGs. The file is less than 6MBs. You can download them
Here &
Let me know what ya think....Would love to know your opinions
Till tomorrow hope you all have a great day!
Huggies Crazycatlaydee xoxo

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Purple Frames Freebie

Hey everyone!
Hope y'er all well??
Happy new year to you all!!!
Well I thought it was high time I got into making some more freebies for ya! It's been a while eh!!!
It's only a lickle freebie just to get me back into the swing of things! I hope ya like???
Been having trouble uploading the PNG format frames to Mediafire, so I wont be putting them up there this time!! I have opted for 4Shared instead!! The frames are available for download in both PSP format & PNG.
You can download the PSP Format ones from Here
And Here
And the PNG Format ones from Here And Here

Fingers & toes crossed that worked!!! one can hope!! ~ I planned on giving my blog a new look for the new year last night, Only it didn't quiet go according to plan!!! At one point I lost everything on my blog, I was nearly crying!! hehe but I got it back & when I did I left it, so yeah it looks different now, but it's nothing like what I was hoping for, in fact it's worse!!! I don't like it at all, & very nearly created a new blog! But I came to my senses & left it alone!! I found a really nice template thing that said it was for blogger, it had animated stars on was quiet nice, but it wouldn't work, So I had a strop & left it!!!
Maybe soon I will try again!! hehe! I only said maybe!! hehe. Anyways!
Thanks for looking! Oh & reading! hehe Huggies Crazycatlaydee xoxo